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Ways to Use Fantasy to Have Mind-Blowing Sexuality with a Desi Call Girls

The title of this article conveys the impression that the secrets to having wonderful sex are being disclosed by a man who is an expert in dealing with Delhi Escorts Girl. However, the reality is that it is being written by me, a girl, an escort, and someone who has so much sex regularly that it seems weird to suggest ways to have mind-blowing sex with an elite escort girl. But to be frank, I find it amusing to be told not to think of sexual fantasies as I am myself an escort. Based upon my experiences with a variety of men, I think I am better equipped to reveal the secret ways using which men can hope to enjoy mind-blowing sex with an Elite Girlfriend Experience(Elite GFE).

Hello, I am Jessica, (not my real name, of course), a young 25-year-old escort girl offering services to my clients on a frequent basis. In fact, I don't even know on which day of the week I will get a chance to enjoy a holiday. Sex is something

I am indulging in it very frequently. That does not mean I should not be kinky or I should not be talking about sex. In fact, I enjoy the act and all the foreplay even though it is a part of my profession. Can you ask a painter or a musician not to enjoy his creations? I may be earning through sex but I still have every right to enjoy and feel excited with sex.

Coming back to the topic, I have to admit the fact that men find it easier than women to discuss their fantasies with each other. In fact, men boast about their fantasies and keep telling their close friends about which ones of their fantasies have been realized in real life.

On the contrary, Delhi escort girls tend to be shy on this subject as they fear they might be labeled as sluts. If a woman feels sexy and desires to wear a revealing outfit, she is pointed out as a threat to society. This is why I feel that women face lots of restrictions when it comes to sex. Women are supposed to keep mum and not talk overtly about their fantasies. But all this is not going to stop me from sharing my views on ways to achieve mind-blowing sex with a Delhi escort girl.


Watch erotic movies with sexy escort girl

One of the best ways of learning more about one's own fantasies is to watch romantic, erotic, and even porn movies. Gone are the days when men used to read magazines like Playboy or Penthouse.

Today, every boy has a smartphone in his hands that allows him to watch the best content from anywhere in the world. It might come as a surprise to you that most men discover their inner fantasies after watching porn movies but it is true.

There is available porn in various niches to satisfy the lust for sex. If you love to watch scenes where the girl sucks the erect tool and the testicles of her male actor and plays them again and again, you have to admit that you are desirous of oral sex.

Another good thing about porn is that men get a chance to see lots of new sex positions that they have never tried or experimented with.

How do you know what are the positions you would love to try if you do not see actors performing those acts in porn movies? Also, you cannot know by yourself what parts of the female body you are attracted to and which give you immense sexual pleasure through touch and through the tongue. It is when you watch a variety of porn that you find a pattern in them. Do you watch anal sex too often or is it oral sex that gives you a lot of pleasure? Do you love videos of threesome sex or do you search for videos where women give blow jobs to men?

Watching a variety of porn will give you ideas to engage in different sex positions. It also teaches you to receive and give better satisfaction to your partner. Remember, sex is a mutual act where both partners have to work to give each other sexual pleasure. If you focus on your own satisfaction, you will never be able to achieve mind-blowing sex with a Delhi Escort Girl. Many men have discovered their fantasies simply by watching porn.

This is not all to fuel your imagination by watching porn. You see women respond to sex positions and what their expressions are in certain acts of foreplay. It gives you an idea of trying many new things when you are enjoying time with a Delhi escort girl.

Role-playing to achieve amazing sexual pleasures with escorts in Delhi

If you have watched a variety of porn, you must have seen lovemaking in many different positions. But more importantly, porn makers try to present characters in different situations and play different roles.

Do you find yourself searching for porn clips where there is sex between a nurse and her patient? Is it sex between a teacher and her student that excites you too much?

Have you seen most of the videos where a mechanic goes into the house to fix the appliance and ends up having sex with the woman? You can use your fantasy to achieve mind-blowing sex with a Delhi escort girl by asking her to agree to role-play.

Employee and the boss role-play with your escort girl

Do you love to watch porn clips where the female boss seduces her young employee and has wonderful sex with him? If yes, then you can ask your Delhi escort girl to play the role of your boss while you play the role of the employee. Once she has played the role of the boss, you can switch roles and become the boss while she becomes your employee. Tell your Delhi escort girl the dialogues she has to deliver and use this fantasy to achieve mind-blowing sex with her.

Doctor and nurse/Nurse and patient role play with your Elite Escort Girlfriend

This is another subject on which there are countless porn clips on the web. If you like the way a nurse seduces the doctor by opening the buttons of her blouse, you can very well achieve amazing sexual pleasures by playing this situation with your Delhi escort.

You could also play out your fantasy involving a nurse and her patient where the nurse seduces the patient and then engages in mind-blowing sex with him. Make sure you bring along with you the naughty nurse uniform to make the role-playing more realistic.

Imagine the Delhi escort girl wearing a nurse costume and using a stethoscope to listen to your heartbeats or carrying out a check-up of your private parts. It could be a very exciting and sexually stimulating session of sex and foreplay with your escort girl.

A police officer and thief role play with an escort girl and Get Elite GFE

Do you like to play the role of a police inspector with your Delhi escort? Ask her to play the role of a thief who has been caught red-handed. You will need handcuffs to tie the hands of your escort and ask her to beg you for forgiveness. You will then go on to exploit her before finally letting her go free. Do you want to play the role of the thief as you love the way the police officer threatens you and then sucks your cock? It is going to be one hell of a fantasy that promises to bring a lot of excitement and sexual pleasure to you. How about carrying out the body search of your thief to get sexual pleasure as part of foreplay?

Hire Delhi escorts and Enjoy Yoga teacher and student role-play

Do you love to see porn clips involving a yoga teacher and his student? The instructor touches the private parts of the student and finally indulges in new and exciting sex positions to have a wonderful session of foreplay and great sex. It is one of the easiest role-playing situations where you can ask your Delhi escort to perform a particular yoga position so that you can take undue advantage of her. You could also ask your escort to play the role of a personal trainer while you are her student.

If you are desirous of some thrill and excitement with an escort girl

Many men become bored with the same situation and environment in the room with their escort girls. There are many different ways using which you can use your fantasy to achieve a mind-blowing sex session with your Delhi escort. One of these is to try out new and unusual places to indulge in sex.

Public sex is one fantasy that can get you mind-blowing sexual stimulation even though it is risky and also punishable by the law. However, facing the risk of being caught is in itself a great thrill and even remuneration for many men to try out sex in the wild.

You can go on a long ride with your Delhi escort and stop the car on one side of the road where you see no one around. Go a few meters inside in the woods and try your favorite position for sex to experience wonderful sexual pleasure. Make sure you find a place that is secluded and where you have very little or no chance of being caught by any human being.

Hire Our Travel Escort Girl to try Sex During a Flight

Have you ever tried making it out with a woman while flying in an airplane? Sex during a flight is a fantasy of many men and you would be surprised to know that nearly 17% of the men have reported indulging in some sort of sexual activity during a flight.

It is really difficult to make love with your Delhi escort while flying in an airplane but the mere thought of getting sexual pleasure at a height of more than 10,000 feet from the surface of the earth can be a fantasy that promises to provide mind-blowing sex to you.

Delhi Escort Service to Experience a Threesome Sex?

A threesome is a sexual fantasy of many men but if you are desirous for it, you have to get permission from your Delhi escort. It could be your male friend or your girlfriend joining you with your escort girl.

If it is your first time, it could be very exciting and promises to bring a lot of sexual pleasure to you. Imagine yourself banging a woman along with your friend. It could also be a situation where you get a chance to make love to your girlfriend and the Delhi escort girl at the same time.

Our Escort Girls Enjoy Sex in Front of a Huge Mirror

Have you ever seen your image while indulging in sex? If not, then you can fulfill this fantasy by taking your escort girl to a hotel room where you get a huge mirror installed on a wall.

Whether you are trying sex in a standing position or entering your woman from behind, watching yourself in the mirror can be a source of excitement and happiness for both of you. It is going to be a new experience for your Delhi escort and it promises to drive you to mind-blowing sex.

Our Bold Escort Girl allows you to Make a Video of the act

You may have enjoyed wonderful sex with your escort many times but you only have memories of these sessions in your mind. You cannot watch yourself making it out with the escort girl on your TV or smartphone, can you? This is where the fantasy of making a videotape of the entire session is such a good idea for you to increase the fun and the thrill.

What is more, you can watch the entire videotape and watch it along with your Delhi escort girl to relive the sessions once again. It is going to be a double bonus for you as you get to watch your own sex tape.

These are some of the interesting ways in which you can achieve mind-blowing sex with your escort using your fantasy.

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